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Tracing Instructions for Figure Skates

Have the skater stand on a sheet of paper. Trace the outline of the foot making sure your pen/pencil remains straight up and down at all times. You will need to send tracings of both feet. Draw a line with a ruler from the longest toe to the end of the heel. Write the exact measurement of the line. Be sure your measurements are precise as a half an inch can vary up to a half a size.
Secondly, take a fabric or paper tape measure and wrap it snugly around the ball (widest part near the toes) of the foot then have the skater stand with even pressure on both feet. This measurement of the circumference of the ball of the foot will determine the width of the skate boot. If you do not have a fabric or paper tape measure, you can use a ribbon or string and then lay it out on a ruler for the measurement.

Please provide the following information:
1. Contact information including your full name and daytime phone number with area code.
2. Current shoe size.
3. Current skate size and width plus the brand and style of boots.
4. Is your heel narrow or fleshy?
5. Would the skater prefer a perfect fit or does the skater need room to grow?
6. Current level of skating.
7. Height and weight.

Email your tracing to, fax your tracing to 224-303-0373 or mail to Rainbo Sports, 2665 Shermer Rd, Northbrook, IL 60062.

We will do our best to help you choose a size based on the information we receive; however, we cannot guarantee fit based on measurements that are not made in person.

Keep in mind that boots will stretch and the heel with settle back after some use. Some discomfort is common in new boots.

Boots cannot be returned if they are mounted or if any change from their original condition has been made. Please see our return policy.

We do our best to contact you regarding your tracings as soon as possible. We handle our tracings on a first come first served basis. Normally, you will be contacted within one to three business days from the time when we receive your tracings. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Contact Us