Blade Selection

Rainbo Sports has the figure skating blades your skater wants. From blades for early freestyle to blades used for triples and quads, we have the figure skating blade you need to be successful on the ice. We also carry specialized blades for synchronized skating and ice dance. Rainbo also offers blade sharpening from some of the top skate technicians in the country.

How to Purchase Blades

To purchase blades, you need to know the length of the sole of the boot. Take the heel to toe measurement of the sole of the boot in inches. It is important that you are measuring the boot that the blade will be going on or the same model and size. Boot sole length can vary even among the same brand boots. Experts recommend one quarter inch (¼”) shorter than the heel to toe measurement for a non-growing foot. For a growing foot, you can buy a blade that fits heel to toe measurement. By using a longer blade, you may be able to re-mount it on the next pair of boots—but there are no guarantees. If you are not sure what length blade to buy, we would be happy to assist you.


Used by world class skaters, Ultima Figure Skating Blades are among the most technologically advanced on the market. Our Apex Elite blade incorporates all of the technical features, while offering the competitive profile and pick design of more traditional blades. Tapered Edges create less friction in comparison to traditional edges, resulting in better edge control and faster glide. Titanium coating hardens the steel for increase edge life and less frequent sharpening. Edge durability is drastically improved with superior shine

Rainbo Sports carries several Ultima styles, including the Supreme, Freestyle, Elite, Dance, Legacy, Protégé, Synchro, and Mirage. All Ultima blades come in ¼” increments and are an 8 foot radius.

Matrix is up to 33% lighter than traditional blades!

Reduced weight means reduced fatigue and with stainless steel runners, our blades have harder edges to hold edges longer.

  • All pick patterns are identical to those on our Ultima blade models, allowing seamless transition
  • AUS8 Stainless steel runner is maintenance free and holds edges longer for a longer lasting blade
  • Runner is inset into chassis and permanently secured using 3 axels
  • Parallel chassis allows for accurate sharpening

John Wilson

Committed to creating the world’s most advanced blades, John Wilson precision hardens every blade using the highest quality steel. This ongoing commitment to research, design and production technology has resulted in more medals than any other manufacturer.

Rainbo Sports carries several Wilson Figure Skating Blade styles, including the Revolution series blades and the Gold Seal, Pattern-99, Coronation Ace, Coronation Comet, Super Dance 99, Coronation Dance. Most models are available as a Parabolic. The unique tapered Parabolic design centers you on the blade to increase your stability.

Wilson figure skating blades come in ¼” increments and vary in radius depending on the model.

MK Blades

Produced by highly trained craftsmen using specially selected Sheffield Steel, all ice skating blades are scientifically hardened to achieve the optimum skating edge. Highly finished and sharpened, MK Blades have enhanced feel and give unsurpassed performance.

Rainbo Sports carries several MK Figure Skating Blade styles, including the Revolution series blades and the Gold Star, Phantom, Professional, Double Star, Dance, and Dynasty. The unique tapered Parabolic design centers you on the blade to increase your stability.

MK figure skating blades come in ¼” increments with a 7 foot radius.