At the time that you provide your used product, a Rainbo Sports Technician will assess its condition and the likelihood that Rainbo will be able to sell the product. If there is not an expectation the product will sell in a reasonable length of time, we will try to sell for a period of one year. After one year the product becomes the property of Rainbo Sports to dispose of or donate as we see fit. It is the customer’s responsibility to pick up at the end of one year. If requested, the Rainbo Sports Technician may provide an estimate on the market value of the used product. This is only an estimate and is not an indication of the Final Sale Price. If the product is sold, the amount that the customer receives will be based on the Final Sale Price of the product. At any time, Rainbo Sports may refuse to accept boots and blades for sale on consignment.

At the time that the customer places the used boot and/or blade on consignment the following information must be provided:

– Name
– Mailing Address
– E-Mail Address
– Phone Number
– Select either Website Credit or an in Store Credit

If you are interested in sending in your skates for sale on consignment, please download the Consignment Drop-Off Form and send it in with your skates.  You will receive a copy back in the mail with the tag number(s) assigned to your merchandise.