SP-Teri Womens’ KT2


For control, SP-Teri has always realized that skaters need a boot that fits snugly but not tightly. Instead of a pointed toe which can cramp the foot, the SP-Teri last is designed with a rounded toe box. It allows the foot to get close to the end of the boots without squeezing the second, third and fourth toes. SP-Teri boot’s heel pitch allows the skater to balance at the center of the blade. Center balance on the blade gives the skater ideal body position for shifting weight.

The SP Teri KT2’s are designed specifically for the skater doing double and triple jumps. These boots have unique performance and comfort features.


  • Thermoplastic Power Tab for mid-section support
  • V-cut with 4+1 or 5+1 offset hooks
  • Clarino lining
  • Lace bite stopper
  • 3/4″ ankle padding
  • 1/2″ Austrian sponge tongue

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Weight 5.0000 lbs

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