SP-Teri Girls’ Super Teri


SP-Teri boots are designed to allow the skater’s foot to lay flat in the boot for maximum comfort and control. The boot fits snugly but not tightly. Instead of a pointed toe which can cramp the foot, the SP-Teri last is designed with a rounded toe box. It allows the foot to get close to the end of the boots without squeezing the second, third and fourth toes. SP-Teri boot’s heel pitch allows the skater to balance at the center of the blade. Center balance on the blade gives the skater ideal body position for shifting weight.

The Super Teri is a great boot for skaters requiring firm ankle support with unequaled quality. This stock boot is designed for the rigorous work of the ice skater doing advanced single jumps through axels.

Features include:

  • full grain cowhide elk tanned upper leather
  • reinforced ankle support, 3/8″ ankle padding, and heel huggers
  • Smooth Clarino lining for comfort and durability.
  • Rolled and folded top edges for added leg comfort
  • 5/8″ cushioning on tounge and a center lace hook to hold it in the center preventing twisting to the outside

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Weight 5.0000 lbs

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